Café Menu

Café and Sportive Menus

Café Menu

Caroline Dabney is a qualified Nutritionist and both she and Andy Rourke love good food. Our Cafe Menu caters for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.  Our Sportive Menu has been created to include specific carbohydrate and protein-rich foods to help you achieve your best performance. Both menus can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Energising and Refreshing Drinks

* * * *

Barista coffee (Americano, Latté, Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino, etc)

English Breakfast/Speciality teas

Hot chocolate

Freshly-squeezed orange juice (Summer time)

Cold drinks (Spring Water, Coconut Water, Coca-Cola, Lucozade Sport, Fentimens and natural juice cartons)

* * * *

Food Menu

* * * *

Hot bacon/BLT/bacon & cheese/bacon & fried egg rolls

Cumberland sausage baps

Freshly made Ham, Egg or Cheese wholemeal rolls (with or without salad)

Pasta pots


Homemade Soup (winter-time only)

Hot savoury pastries (Meat and Veggie options)

Jacket Potatoes with Cheese, Coleslaw, Tuna Mayo or Baked Beans

* * * *

The above menus are subject to change

Grab and Go!

* * * *

Selection of homemade cakes

Energy balls/energy bars

Hard-boiled eggs


Beetroot Shots

Carb Up and Go!

Typical Cycling Sportive Menu

* * * *


Selection of wholemeal sandwiches (Peanut Butter, Salami, Cheese, Jam etc)

Flapjack bites/energy bars

Rice cakes

Salted new potatoes


Water bottle re-fill

* * * *

The above menus are subject to change

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